Matan Cohen-Citron

Getting ready to practice and where not to spend energy is a big question.

Reflecting is a big part of my practice.  When I reflect about things that can help me in my practice, the first thing that comes to my mind is commitment to the practice that comes from remembering (smriti) that it works.  I find that looking at the alternatives to the practice is a great help in remembering.  So what is the alternative to practicing/paying attention? Constantly running after desires without paying attention.

I think that in order to give a chance to the practice, it’s important to get the other alternative out of the system first.  So looking back at the things that we desired so much in the past and received is a great reflection.  We all have that thing that we were obsessed with, received or achieved, and we don’t care about anymore.  And if this kind of reflection is not enough, I am a true believer in ‘mindfully desiring’ which means: getting that thing that you really desire and checking if it really brings you happiness.  Realizing that happiness does not come from fulfilling your desires is a great starting point since you know where not to look for happiness, or in spiritual terms, renunciation.

Enjoy practicing,