Lori Love

The breath is infinite .. a web that is woven to hold you in the present moment… with out it there is an extinction of life. A void of trees and animals leaving nothing to source from. With breath comes the very existence of all that is.

It is so simply organic we  rarely consider its flow, yet essential, there is no thriving with out it. There is a nirvana like sense when we allow ourselves to be captured by the breath and put the judging mind to rest. Focusing on the rhythm of it is the doorway to the song of our essential nature. The anthem of the soul. Within this space we are invited into the breeze of ascending sky energy with every inhale and an earthward ebb with every exhale,  persuading us into a scope of supported contemplative silence where we can feel rather than project. In this place we can hear the earth and commune with the supreme being that is our planet, allowing ourselves to arrive, exactly as we are, abundant and  brightly illuminated.