Melissa Pytlak

For me, Balanced has served as a sweet, sweet sanctuary for my yoga practice to develop. Through my practice over the past few years, I have grown to observe and notice the things that I had previously taken for granted, and at time, still do; after all, no one is a perfect yogi/yogini.  Starting with the breath, taking the time and awareness to wind down, settle in and initiate a practice by choosing to attend class, have caused me to become more in touch with my source and my true self. I have found greater peace and cultivated more happiness.  I have expressed gratitude and acknowledged experiences for what they are in the moment as they transpire. I respire, and  I notice. I practice asana, and I breath.  I stretch and  II release. I grow and I aspire. I evolve. I resolve to be a better me, a work in progress, all the while knowing that I am exactly where the Universe intends for me to be.

I choose to engage in this process at Balanced, where I have found a supportive community of teachers and students alike.  At Balanced, we honor one another and our practice(s). We share and we support. I am grateful to be a member of this community that has given to me so much more than a place to lay my mat, and hope that many have and will experience it as the same.  I believe it was Patanjuli or perhaps Desikachar who offered the following definition of yoga:  “yoga is the practice of doing what you haven’t done before.”  To practice yoga is to attain what was previously unattainable.  I am a testimonial of such growth and offer gratitude to Balanced for serving as a cornerstone in this journey.