Matan-Citron Cohen

One of the things I struggle with is to discuss yoga from a point of view that explains what it is rather than what it is not.  When people hear that I practice yoga they usually say that they should practice as well since they are not in a good shape, and they suffer from stress.  The practice of yoga brings amazing mental and physical changes, however these changes are just a small part of what one can gain from the practice. By using the word ‘practice’ we may imply that there is something to achieve or grasp – like training or working towards a fixed / set goal.  This is one of the hardest things to understand because the practice is actually about the opposite of grasping.  It is about being free from grasping – in yogic terms ‘setting the mind into silence’. There are pairs of “opposites” in yoga that help reduce the grasping on the mind like the relation between action and inaction, effort and effortless, practice and non-attachment, karma (work) and lila (play).  This is what I try to pay attention to these days.   This focus helps me turn my entire life into a joyful practice instead of dividing my life into different departments that consist of likes and dislikes.  My discovery is that these “opposites” were never opposites, but just an illusion of the mind. Enjoy practicing, Peace, Matan